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The Leading Influencer Marketing Agency in Hong Kong & Greater China

We run results-driven influencer (KOL) campaigns on social media for big and small, international and local brands using our unrivaled expertise and network.


What is an influencer?

Sometimes referred to as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), an influencer is an expert content creator with a large social media following, who has a strong ability to affect the purchasing behaviors of his or her followers.





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influencers in our network

Social media is our channel.

The average person now spends more than 2 hours a day on social media. As social media becomes the new TV, it also becomes the future of advertising.


We create social conversations about your brand.

The best ads don’t feel like ads. The best ads have a human touch and feel like peer recommendations. Studies show that 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations, while only 30% trust traditional ads.


Take social media by storm with an Explosive influencer campaign.


Our clients include:


Our verticals:


How it works:


1. Source

We identify the right influencers for your campaign based on target audience, industry, geography, gender and age


We help turn your brand into a stunning visual story

3. campaign Management

Whether it’s working with ten or a thousand influencers, let us manage the process for you

4. Insights

Comprehensive analytics and reporting to track performance and ROI


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